Real Live Guys

Real Live Guys

Quick overview

The URL says it all RealLiveGuys is a chat and cam based porn site that features real live men on camera interacting with you, the fans. This site is predominantly orientated towards gay men, but there are plenty of male models that cater to women too, if that’s your thing.

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The site

RealLiveGuys opens onto a plain white background, with an easy to navigate sidebar that lists all the specific categories the models fall into, such as Black, Latino, Daddy and Twink models. The background is simple and doesn’t distract from the thumbnails advertising the hot studs that are live and chatting now.

There is a large collection of male cam models on RealLiveGuys, with over 400 pages of models to browse through. The ‘who’s online?’ function allows you to easily see what models are scheduled to do shows in your area and at what time. Each model has a bio that you can easily check out to see what turns them on. The bios go into a decent amount of details, describing kinks, age, location, body type and more. There are also photos of the models that you can examine to see if they are the type that you want to watch before you join their live show.

There is an active comments section on each model’s page that allows users to give feedback on the type of model they are, whether they are friendly and accommodating and whether users would recommend the show to others. Also listed are the scheduled times, if the model has any, which they will be working, so you can always be online to catch your favourites. The site runs 24/7 and offers a variety of ethnic backgrounds and languages, which is beneficial to users that don’t speak English. All of the content is obviously exclusive and changes day to day and from model to model.

The Content

The site lists almost 2,000 live cam models registered on RealLiveGuys, all with flexible working hours and unique live shows, chat, and pictures available for members. When you join a live stream, you have the option of changing from normal sized screen to full screen, as well as changing how your name appears in chat. There can be anywhere from as many as 15 to 30 models live online at a time, allowing you lots of variety in what models to watch.

Their streams range from 16-22 fps, and having a strong internet connection, around 200kbs, really helps keep movement natural and the picture clear. Most of the models are sexy Eastern European men, around 19-25 and a lot fall into the ‘Twink’ category. However there is a decent amount of US and Canadian models, and some older men dotted around as well. In the private chat section, you can joke and banter with the models, as well as request them to do certain actions or say something specific. This chat is not able to be seen by other guests watching the show and participating in the public chat. What each model is willing to do on camera differs, but you can search for what you like through the well-worked tagging system.


ReaLiveGuys is a fantastic live cam models website catering to mostly gay and bi men, but some models are happy to chat with or aim their shows at women as well. There are always hot and friendly models online and available for chat and private shows.
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