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iStripper is yet another erotic application for MAC as well as PC launched by Totem Core. They are the creators of the well-liked sex-stimulating software like Deskbabes and VirtualGirl HD. The fresh “strippers on your display” software denote a key upgrade for Deskbabes and VirtualGirl, and a rebranding, too. Users are receiving their content in UHD 4K resolution, a notch higher that the Full HD of 1080p in previous creations.

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The novel adult application delivers a new interface with grander design, greater features, and simpler to utilize GUI. When you highlight a certain link, you are capable, at a click, of seeing whole performance particulars, downloading the free performances, or even purchasing the complete nude show. The featured menu also offers a news tab for product update gen. The ‘Girls Store’ menu is an online store for performances. Aficionados will identify the conversant player card design. Every card offers the starlet’s name, waist-up appeal snap, show title, and public evaluation.

iStripper affords several means to search and sort for whatever you want. A sort menu enables ordering by star’s title, the date is descending or ascending, card numbers, and rating. A search panel allows one to search by card number or name. A slider regulator allows you zero in and out to show bigger or lesser cards. There is a vast array of filters offered including; anthologies either XXX or nude, quality (resolution), hair color, release date, category, and ethnicity. The Content

iStripper is the most current release for Totem Core. The majority may not be acquainted with the Totem Core brand, however perhaps are aware of their leading product, Virtuagirl. iStripper incorporates the soft core material of VirtuaGirl HD as well as the hardcore lesbian material of Deskbabes into a single product. Additionally, there are more than 1000 films accessible in ultra-HD and another a thousand flicks also available in Full HD of 1080p.

This site is so sizzling off the press that it is hot, not amusing when you notice the number of chicks it contains. Stunning chicks who will undress right there for you, either on your desktop while you are working, or in one of the many of the finest strip clubs under the sun. These volcanic hot chicks will undress in all their display filling amusement. They will dance on the pole, play with themselves as well as one another, and striptease with the main aim of exciting you. iStripper is the novel and free treat from Totem Core, and this time, round it is fresher and greater. It is good that if you have VirtuaGirl or DeskBabes, then iStripper will work with all your prevalent chicks and any novel sets as well. The aim of this novel product is portion combination and portion re-brand. It is a fresh and clean platform; however, the major entity is that it will offer a single product does all.

The istripper material is shot in Ultra-HD 4K and offers you with the material in HD, Full-HD, and 4K in order to match your gadget and download speeds as well. The platform incorporates advancements and tweaks into the even now trendy VirtuaGirl releases and is also offered to you at no cost. This implies that you can get to view all the soft-core performances with fresh material offered automatically to your computer. You are only spending cash in case you wish to purchase a nude strip-show. I highly recommend this portal!


In conclusion, iStripper is an amazing experience for those who love a bit of kinkiness in their lives. The owners of this site are French, and I tend to presume that is the reason why they have employed a refined and modern art as well as design, the same way the republicans of France love good wine. Come and have a taste of iStripper today!
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