ImLive Latinas

ImLive Latinas

Quick overview

The ImLive has been serving the live action show fans need for more than a dozen years now. It’s nicely built, it has hot models, and some good features to make browsing more exciting. Actually, we should say the ImLive is a pretty good destination for everyone who is looking for some reasonably priced hardcore live shows. There are more than 120,000 registered hosts at the ImLive, though the active hosts’ number is significantly less: about 10,000 models are really active, but this number is still quite enough for you to enjoy a show, and to find at least a dozen of models you would visit on a regular basis in the future.

The ImLive’s operator is the same as the one that runs the Sexier, so it might occur to you that the hosts are chatting with others too. Naturally, you shouldn’t go on private with them if they are not focusing on you. Tell them you are not going to private chat until they log off from other sites! Apart from the main attraction, the live shows, there are regular contests on the site, and you can also access some sexy extras: archived lives show (kind of “best of” shows) and photo galleries are all available for your entertainment.

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The site

Never judge a site by its looks. The ImLive may seem a bit old-fashioned at first, but that’s just a trick: you will see that most functions of the site are advanced, and this easy to use layout is far better than what most sites can offer you. We believe that in most cases, the girls will get you what you need, and while you are looking for fun, and the video stream, added together with the site features make the experience on this site to be really satisfying!

To browse through the models you can pick some main categories from the menu, and there are some additional refining filters too. There is a text-search option too, so if you know the keywords, type them in. Every model has a short text written, and they have a profile page where you can find some info about them. However, you won’t get to know them too much, so use the chat for details. Fortunately, the number of HD cameras has been growing steadily, thus the shows are more and more exciting.

The Content

The Latinas at the IMLive are quite hot, and there are really many of them. There isn’t an actual Latina section on the site, instead, they list all the Latina hotties under the Hispanic ethnic filter. Well, that’s a good thing, because you will be able to find not just sexy and cute girls here from the United States, but also authentic, real Latinas from Europe and from South America. It’s a winning situation that much is certain, especially if you consider the fact that these hot chicks are amazingly eager to show off their fine body, and their nasty skill sets to please a man. At the time of our review, there have been more than 40 hotties online, and later when we checked back, usually at least two dozens of them were available. It’s a pretty good number, considering that we are talking about only one ethnicity here!

You are going to find here some very eager hotties who are in their twenties, but in case you are interested in older, let’s say MILF-category Latina mamas, then this site will certainly serve that purpose too. If the number of reviews is any kind of indicator of the girls’ experience, then we should say that most hotties here are from the semi-professional areas, and they are definitely not full-scale professionals, though a few hosts have been doing this for quite some time and they have invaluable experience that makes their shows more exciting.

In case you are looking for some hardcore experience, the Latina hosts at the ImLive will certainly show you what hardcore is. Though in most cases, they will start a bit slow, they will eventually get to the nasty part, and while they are there, they will get you in the mood for some real-time hotness. You should go private with the Latinas (or any other kind of host) if you are sure about what you would like to see, because it’s a real deal-killer if you just type and type, while your credits are ticking. So, make up your mind, know your needs, and tell exactly what you would like to see, from the first minute to the last.

A live show, if you let the girls do what they like could go on for hours. While in reality, you can jack-off in a matter of minutes, so there is no need for a longer show. As far as the covered niches are concerned, you can find here almost everything you could think of: plain masturbation with tools or with a finger, anal insertion, softer things like dancing, but hard fetishes, such as leather and latex, or even domination/submission are playable. The shows are always depending on your wishes, so make sure you tell the host your wishes (preferably in free chat) and ask her if she can do it or not.


Since the ImLive is a live cam show site with a fine reputation, we are always happy to return and review it once in a while. Now, with inspecting the Hispanic section, we found out that there are many good things taking place, and that the site features are still great. Regarding the girls, we must say we were quite satisfied. They are hot, most of them are very helpful, and while you are there, they will be more than happy to help you out. Those who are looking for Latin girls, and want to spend a reasonable amount of time and a reasonable amount of credits, should try the ImLive.
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