ImLive Friends & Romance

ImLive Friends & Romance

Quick overview

So, here we go again, reviewing the ImLive, one of the hottest not exactly mainstream live cam show provider. This site will certainly keep you interested for a long time, and while you are here, you might also like to watch what kind of hotness is in store for you. In this review, we were tasked to review a special field: the Friends and Romance section, which is a strictly non-naked area, where the girls can tease you and please you with all you like, as long as they don’t need to go naked.

One of the best and worst things about this area is that the girls here are all sexy, and they are so hot that most guys will probably go full crazy for not being able to see them naked. We love girls, that’s true, and we really like it when they are hot, and quite strangely, we enjoyed the thrill of these chat rooms. Some models are exclusive to the site, but we have seen some of the girls listed on the Sexier too, which is a sister site of the ImLive.

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The site

So, there are features, hotties, and sexiness on this site, so it will be quite a good thing to watch the girls perform their fine shows for your entertainment. When you are on the home page, you will see the online hosts listed first, in no particular order. To find the Friends and Romance section, you need to use the dropdown on the right of the page, where they list all the important sorting options. You will find that the girls are really hot, and they really know what they can do for you.

As far as we were able to detect, the video stream is usually quite steady, though some lags or issues occur, especially when you are with a girl who is broadcasting from home. The overall video quality is satisfying, and there are many hosts who have upgraded to HD cameras. Naturally, as you might expect from a modern website, there is a fine mobile interface and even a mobile app which you can use to have fun with the site’s models whenever and wherever you are. There are videos on the site too, these are available on a VoD basis, and they are hot archived shows.

The Content

The Friends and Romance page at the ImLive has some very-very hot chicks. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with them, you only have the option to chat with them, flirt with them, but there is no nudity nor sexuality involved. This may look quite strange at first, but you are going to find out that having a hot flirt, a laugh could be just as satisfying as watching a heavy hardcore live show. When we first picked the Friends and Romance category, there were more than 150 models online in there. We were quite impressed with the great number, and the beauty, along with the surprising kindness of the girls really made us eager to get in private with them.

When you are looking for some hot pieces of women, these cute cunts will certainly gather your attention, and there is no chance you could avoid them: they are hot and sexy, and actually the fact that you can’t see them naked makes them more tempting. We have seen many Caucasians models here, and they were all surprisingly hot: big breast, cute faces, and they have a body we would have loved to see in its full naked glory. Unfortunately, they are following the rules, so not even some flashing could take place. Apart from the cute Caucasians, there are several ethnic models, and the “cute ones” are just one type of them. We have seen some fine-looking, somewhat homely, or even average girls who looked nice and were fine parties. In case you are looking for matures or BBWs, you can find a few under the Friends and Romance filter, and it will prove to be a fine experience to watch them.

So, what can one expect from a Friends and Romance show? Nothing too hard that’s certain. However, sexuality doesn’t have to feature nudity. No, girls can turn you on even if they wear their clothes, and you can see barely anything of their skin. You are going to see that in most cases, these girls are deliberately wearing sexy clothes, so you could see that they are hot, but they won’t show off their stuff. However, the shows you can enjoy in this category could cover a few fetishes and teasing. You can either ask the girls to tell about themselves or play with you… or give you jerk-off instructions. They are usually eager to dance around for you, bending and twisting and showing their fine shapes. If you have a foot fetish, for example, you can ask the girls to show their feet, or play with them in accordance with your instructions. Though these shows are not hardcore, they are satisfying, and if you are in need of someone to be your soul-trashcan, you could spend some time with these girls.


The Friends and Romance sections of non-naked rooms are really hot, and these girls are just what you call hot flirts. They will hear you out, listen to your problems, and they will make you laugh or comfort you… in case that’s what you need. However, if you are looking for hot chicks that would do some really juicy dancing and teasing for you, this area is also the best one for you. As long as they don’t have to get naked, the girls will do anything for you, and that covers almost every important aspect of non-nude sexuality, including different fetishes. These shows will serve your needs well, and we are just quite certain that you are going to enjoy them.
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