XLoveCam Group4

XLoveCam Group4

Quick overview

The XLoveCam is a ten year old live cam show site, and it has been on one of the top spots till now. Truth is, it’s still a premier live cam provider, and the groups of four it has listed are all hot, and they are pretty good at what they do. Back in 2006, the XLoveCam started as a simple live cam show website, but it eventually started to rock hard, and nowadays it’s among the most popular destinations for live show enthusiasts and for models too. There are circa three dozens of groups of four, and among them a few have HD cameras, so they add some extra experience.

The XLoveCam always have new models, and it’s always aiming to stay up to date. That’s why it has many features, and that’s the reason why it has extras for you: videos are rentable for credits, and there are photo sets for the models. Actually, there are a few groups we believe to be not exclusive, and if you think you have seen them on other sites; you should check them there too. But, there are many exclusive couples, so you don’t have to concern yourself with that.

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The site

The XLoveCam has changed its layout and site structure in the past few months, and it has become faster, more interactive, and it looks overall much more modern. The menu will be on the top, but the most important navigation tools are placed on the left: the search field, the favorites’ list, the recently viewed (by you) models, all models, and you can also choose the size of the menu, and pick from two profile options: view photos or the site should play a video as thumbnails for the models.

There are some additional actions too: if the group has an interactive sex toy, they can use it, so you can make it vibrate when you want, and stuff. You can also send virtual gifts to the models. On the XLoveCam, there are three shows. One is the real private when no one else can (in theory) get into the room. There seems to be a kind of gold show when the models are doing things for credit. And the last is the sneak peek that you can get from behind the curtain of a private show.

The Content

There are about three dozens of groups with four people performing in them. The number might seem a bit low, but rest assured, these groups will prove to be more than enough to watch. Basically, we have found three types of groups: two guys and two girls; three guys on one girl; three girls for one guy. We really loved the last type, because the girls weren’t idle, and while the guy drilled one, they kept on having fun, so they could remain wet and ready for entry. The other types are satisfying too, and there is only one thing we missed from the four guys on one girl teams, but we will get to that soon.

When we visited the site, only a few groups were available, but they were quite hot pieces, and they had gone private quickly. One interesting thing we noticed is that there have been barely any Caucasian groups: most of these are Latin, Asian groups, and there are many European among them, you can recognize their Slavic and Russian origins from their faces. However, this also ensures that you won’t get the same groups all the time: ethnic and national variety is a pretty hot mix. We can’t say for sure that they are professionals. Some groups we have seen on the list hadn’t got any reviews yet, and we can’t really depict why. Nevertheless, this makes us think that these groups are mostly occasional groups, and they are not professional performers, which is good news for you if you like amateurs.

So, the shows are truly exciting. The range of niches depends on the setup: a balanced group or a not too balanced group is what you need. If there are two couples, you will usually see them fuck their own girl, and they barely do anything together. In most cases, the girls are the ones who are open for some kissing and licking. The three of the same gender on one opposite gender groups are much more exciting. When there are three chicks on the action it’s actually pretty good to watch so many pussies, butts and tits. They usually do some lesbian action, while one is busy with the guy, so you actually get a full-round action for your entertainment.

As we already stated, there is one thing we missed from the three guys on one chick teams: some bi-curious play. That could have made the whole action much more exciting, and to be honest, they could have more viewers if they got a guy who is open for some anal experimentation. But, these groups are usually up to gang bang the girl, make her suck, and in a few cases, fuck her butthole too. There are groups with lots of equipment, so you can tell them to perform their show with dildos, vibrators, and stuff.


The XLoveCam has a fine selection of groups with four players, and we must say you should give them a try at least once. Browse through the list, open their profile and see what they have in store for you. There are newcomers sometimes, who are available for lower credits per minute prices but still offer a great experience.
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