Quick overview

Sakura Live is a wonderful Asian Live Cam web site that presents to its users the hottest and kinkiest Asian girls on the internet. Sakura Live works as the best place to watch and interact with the most delicious Asian girls, in real time. If what you need is a cute Asian girl to talk to or to masturbate to, then, Sakura Live is the perfect place for you. It is full of amazing features and content of impressive quality. You will never need another Live Cam website ever again.

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The site

Sometimes when we get to review a live cam web site, we come across some really sub-par sites in terms of design and content. We can gladly admit that Sakura Live is not one of those cases. The site is an impressive example of what can be achieved if you put love and effort into what you do. Both designers and developers are true professionals as they maintain the site running flawlessly and they also update the content constantly, so that the users never feel like they have been here and done that before.

Sakura Live uses a really powerful and yet, simple user interface that allows even the most novice of users to explore the site with ease and speed. All menus have been placed in such a way that the users do not have to look for them, they are already there in plain sight. This allows the interface to be very intuitive. You will find yourself not even thinking about where to go, because you already know it. It is fantastic. The visual design is also quite attractive, you will not get tired of being on the site for a lot of consecutive hours.

Loading times are also a major plus. You will never have to wait for things to load, as many other websites had us doing in the past. The transitions between chat rooms, images, menus and live cam streaming are almost seamless. We can only be grateful for such a level of performance.

You will even get a separate folder for your “Favorite” models and you will receive special notification when they get online. You will never have to miss even a single show.

The Content

Sakura Live focuses on gorgeous Asian girls. They break the stereotype that they’re conservative on matters sex. The Asian girls on the site are willing to do things that western girls would never consider. This kind of willingness can only mean more fun for us. Really, do not be surprised if, after a couple of visits to the site, you have already fallen in love with one of these girls.

There are more than 7,200 models available on the site. That number is huge and it assures that you will always find a beautiful girl online for you to watch no matter at what time you log in.

Most videos are also presented in gorgeous Full HD resolution: you will not miss even a single detail from these girls’ performances. Even if you do not have a powerful internet connection, the amazing flash player will stream the videos flawlessly and with buffering. You will watch, learn and interact with the girls in real time. They are not only sexy, but they also have amazing personalities. It is great.

Joining Sakura Live is really cheap, so do not hesitate because of really high prices. That is not the case in here.


Sakura Live is the best Asian Live Cam site, you will ever visit. The number of models is huge and the price point is really low. There are really no excuses not to enjoy such an amount of premium quality content. Join now! You will not be disappointed.
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