Quick overview

Ifriends is the place to be when seeking to have some online fun. With over 16 years of existence in the video chat global market, this site promises great and delivers awesome. On Ifriends 525,000 webcam models await for you to join them and have a blast, Ifriends has been the leading authority in the field of webcam erotica.

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The site

The layout of the site is simple and very fun to use. When you first enter, you are greeted by an extended top menu that offers many possibilities, like: live cams, free content, matures, guys, BBWs, MILFs and big tits. This menu extends itself with the Hot Menu, which brings new categories such as: HD Plus, mobile sex, models by region and award winners.

Going down, you can see a wide array of models that are online and available for fun. There you can on either one and be redirected to a chat page, where you can see the model live and even chat with the model. If you like what you see, you have the option to take a particular model in a private chat room and ask her to do what you want.

Every, menu category has its own color, for examples girls are pink, boys are blue and so on. All these categories can be accessed from the top menu bar.

The site is built to be mobile friendly and can be accessed from any type of platform.

The Content

There are so many video chat models on Ifriends that it is impossible to describe them by the type of activities they are performing. In other words they are doing everything there is to do in front of a camera. Even more than that, all models will do what you are telling them to do, because all of them only one thing: to satisfy your every desire and passion.

Here you can find everything, and by everything I mean everything. As I mentioned earlier, there are more than 525,000 webcam models on Ifriends, so no matter what are your tastes you can be sure that here you will find everything that you are seeking for, from professionals to amateurs and girls to men, transgender and so on.

The video scenes are as long as you want them to be, here on Ifriends. Once you decided on a model you can view him or her for as long as you like, after you make a simple and free online account. You can also view some model without making any account, but some of them prefer to know who they are talking to, so they require for every viewer to have an Ifriends account, before engaging with them.

The video quality is enough to enjoy every model you want without fearing for interruptions or sound disturbances. All that you need is a decent internet connection an enough time. The rest is taken care of by Ifriends.

There are no videos on Ifriends, only webcams and fun. But if you enjoy a model too much, there is the option to record him or her for later viewing.

With such a big base of models and possibilities there is no need for standard videos or pictures, all you need to do here is pic a model, depending on your taste and preferences and go right in for the fun.

There is only one registration method on Ifriends, and that is absolutely FREE. This free registration provides free access to all models, in the public lobby. In other words, you can watch all models performing until the point that someone wants to take that particular model into a private chat room all for himself or herself.

There are tons of extras and ways to have fun on Ifriends, you can send special gifts to preferred models, interact with them and have lots of fun this way. But the magic happens truly only when you take your preferred model in a private room, by pressing the “Take me Private” button.


One of the longest living video chat websites in the world, with a total of 525,000 models and millions of unique user can only offer the greatest there is to offer. Otherwise it wouldn’t have survived for 16 full years in this very competitive niche. Don’t believe me. Head there now and convince yourself. It’s free.

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