Quick overview

Someone once said that revenge is like meat loaf, better when served cold. And that said, if you are looking for a site where people are looking to get their revenge by posting amateur girls doing naughty stuff, then it goes without saying that the ChatRevenge porn site is the right place for you to be. Apart from naughty videos and what not, you will also gain some access to some sexy and very naughty chat leaks, selfies, snap chat pics and all the naughty stuff that an ex could ever think of doing as a way of revenging.

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The site

The ChatRevenge porn site is very interesting for a number of reasons, one of them being the site has been engineered to offer miscellaneous features such as live feeds, personals, DVD feeds as well as extra raunchy pics and videos for the members. And speaking of the naughty videos, it would be an incredible thing for you to know that there is absolutely no download limit and almost most of the content is exclusive.

The browsing experience is also incredibly convenient since it makes sure that as a member, you have the ability to browse the videos or photos basing on a date of posting, a popularity of by the specific name, making the entire process a whole lot easier exercise as compared to the other porn sites. There are two video formats, MP4 format which is strictly for downloading purposes and then there is the Flash format, normally embedded in the browser, which will give the member a breezy experience as far as viewing their favorite videos is concerned.

The site has also been made in such a way that allows for the members to get to view those photos in slideshow form, making it very easy to not only get to see those photos but also look back, just in case you didn’t have enough of the photos that you would have already watched and wanted to have a second or third look for that matter. The photos can also be downloaded in Zip-File, which makes it very easy for the members to do just that!

The Content

There is a huge collection of photos as well as steamy videos that the members can have the pleasure of getting on their hands. Most of these videos, though homemade and not of very high quality, have been shot from incredible angles, just enough to make you hunger for some more. Well, since most of these girls aren’t all models, it is a fact that most of the girls featured on this amateur site are gorgeous and very sexually attractive and that is the main reason as to why the site has got traffic. Girls from different ethnicities have been featured doing all sorts of kinky, some even redefining the very sense of the word!

You will get to see amateur videos of girls fingering their drooling pussies while some taking up huge cocks up into their throats as they get to suck on these as much as they possibly could. Some of these videos as well as pictures feature girls with all sorts of body types fingering themselves, squirting or playing with their nipples. There are some videos featuring these girls doing some of the kinkiest things such as using sex toys while being fucked from a different position which would have seemed impossible before getting to watch that video.

There are some of these videos featuring these girls getting fucked from behind and even getting their assholes filled up with hard, throbbing cocks while their ex-boyfriends, their then boyfriends, were taking all the rage in filming. As if this is not all of the fun to expect when visiting the site, you will also get that opportunity to see these girls getting their faces awash with thick, gooey cum while they take joy in scooping with their tongues or fingers right before inserting in their mouth and swallowing tastefully. Since most of these videos are done in amateur, the quality is a little bit wanting. But it’s not that bad since it goes a very long way in revealing all of the steamy details which works pretty much awesomely especially in the videos showing cream pies and close up pussy fucks!! From the look of things, these ex-boyfriends are actually out to get revenge, and that is why the site has incredibly large material, the kind that you cannot really get the chance to get through all of them, at least not in one lifetime.

This ChatRevenge porn site has got a total of over 8,600 photo galleries and over 5500 videos, giving the members lots of material that they most definitely cannot go through.


One thing that makes the ChatRevenge porn site is the fact that is has a tremendously large collection. And that said, the members are usually treated to having a good time getting to watch the different homemade videos without the worry that they might end up running out of material to watch. I also came to find that despite most of these videos being amateurish, some of the angles that they shot these videos from are nothing short of impressive and this one reason has made most if not all of the members to overlook the fact that the video quality isn’t up to par.

There are different girls or different ages getting down with doing a hell lot of things. And that said, it is a good place to be since not everyone has got a chance to enjoy whatever it is that they fancy. The collection is large, and to make this bearable for the members, the searching features are tremendously helpful, making sure that the members find whatever it is that they are looking for in just a matter of clicks.

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